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The Cube & Cube Plus DVD Set (Takamiz Usui)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

This set of DVDs have set the standards of Cube magic that have become very popular among magicians around the world. Watch and learn the techniques and applications that have inspired all Magic Cubers.

The Cube DVD:
This is the DVD that introduced Takamitsu’s ideas about doing non-gimmicked Cube effects that have been utilized ever since as part of many other routines. The positioning, finger movements and techniques taught have become standard tools for the Cube magic genre. His “False Shuffle” system with the Cubes is what opened up an entire new way of thinking about the magic possible.

The routines taught include: The Vanish, The Change, The Prediction, and The Mirror.

Performed and explained in Japanese and includes English dubbing. All routines use one or two ordinary Cubes that are not supplied.

The Cube Plus+ DVD:
Based on the work he pioneered in his The Cube DVD Takamitsu created an impossible routine combining original technique with a specially constructed (spotted) Cube. You are given high quality stickers so you can gaff your own cubes.

The basic effect is simple: You show two mixed Rubik Cubes where the colors are in random order and you ask two spectators to name any of the colors they like.

You then place both cubes in a bag and when you pull them out the cubes each have one solved side and the side matches the color they freely named.

Performed and explained in Japanese and includes English subtitles. Comes with necessary gimmicks that you apply to your Cubes. Uses two ordinary Cubes that are not supplied. Also includes a bonus ending using a third cube and techniques taught on the original DVD.

Takamitsu Usui informed me that these two products are best sold as a set. You can get them both together for one low price.

Media Type Shipped Product

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