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Casino Cheating Devices And Techniques Of The American Gambler (Jack Miller)

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Jack Miller was a senior agent of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board and an instructor for casino operations and cheating detection. Throughout his career he has come across countless methods, techniques and devices that were being used to cheat and steal from and by casinos.

This book is not instructional but illustrates the many ways that were used to cheat casino games. It also contains many color photographs of the gaffs that were confiscated from cheaters. It is an easy read and explains the many gaffs and techniques that are not well known--from the simplest to the most complex. It is a fascinating and real journey into the methods of the underworld casino cheaters.

Games and subjects covered include: Card marking, holdouts, shiners, card counting computers, dice gaffs, chip cups, slot machine gaffs, employee thefts, counterfeiting chips bills and tokens, hold-out subs, punchboards, bingo and keno, horse boosters, carnival wheels and games, and much more.

As stated in the book, “The book’s sole purpose is the documentation of the various cheating devices used as well as how they were used so that information would not be lost in the future.”

First Edition. Published by Houdini Publishing in 2015. 262-pages, 7 x 6.5 inches, perfect-bound, soft cover with many color photographs.

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