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Why Shouldn't A Woman Wear Red In A Casino? (George Joseph)

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George Joseph's best-selling book "The 101 Most Asked Questions About Las Vegas and Casino Gambling" was originally released in 1996. This latest edition, which includes a chapter on Texas Hold'em, is a fun and educational read where you learn about: Does organized crime control casino gambling in Las Vegas? Is betting on a horse in a Race & Sports Book the same as betting at the track? Is prostitution legal in Las Vegas? Was the Robert DeNiro movie Casino accurate and who were they really talking about? Do casinos cheat customers? How can I tell if a table is "hot" or "cold"? What is the most common cheating method in poker? What is the best way to play blackjack? What percentage does the house have on slot machines? What game has the best odds for the player? Who was the greatest heavyweight boxing champion of all time? and of course why shouldn't a woman wear red?

This is perhaps one of the best sources to find patter for gambling themed shows. As George explains in the book: "I travel extensively throughout the gaming world and many of the questions in this book came from airplane passengers I sat next to. If you told someone on an airplane that you were a plumber, they wouldn't say, 'Great! I've always wanted to know how to sweat fit two pipes together.' But when you say your in the gambling business and live in Las Vegas, everyone wants to know everything about Las Vegas. So I compiled the 101 most asked questions about Las Vegas & casino gambling."

This is the 2005 fifth edition that was expanded to include the bonus chapter on Texas Hold'em. Published by Worldwide Casino Consulting, Inc., 290 pages, 6"x9" paperback.

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