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Win/Lose Scam Coin

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: NOVELTY
  • Product Type: ACCESSORY

There is an old verbal scam based on the seemingly fair method of making a 50/50 decision where you toss a coin. The scam is a verbal one where you state before the toss that “heads I win and Tails you lose.” Did you get that? Think about it… It still works.

There have also been novelty coins minted over the years with versions of the scam. This is the latest incarnation where one side pictures a lucky horseshoe with the imbedded words “I Win.” The other side has an image of scull and bones with the words “You Lose.”

So, the presentation is a little different. After establishing a bet (like who will pay for dinner) you explain that to make it fair you have a win/lose coin you can toss. You toss the coin yourself and when it lands you pick it up and read it out loud. It will either be “I Win” or “You Lose” and ether way you win.

The funny thing is that even when you hand them the coin at the end to examine, most people will not realize the scam. Even when you tell them it is a scam and the coin is fixed, it will take a while. And when they realize what happened they will always laugh and often want one of the coins.

Comes with one 1.25 inch (3.2 cm) coin (half dollar size) made of nickel-silver.

Media Type Shipped Product

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