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A Tribute To Red Skelton (Tom Mullica)

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  • Category: PERFORMANCE
  • Product Type: DVD

On August 10th 2009 Tom Mullica’s Red Skelton Tribute Show Was filmed live at the Mansion Theatre in Branson, Missouri. The complete two hour show is now on DVD. 

Tom Mullica’s one-man tribute is a living, breathing, giggling representation of Red Skelton. Tom has eerily and happily integrated Skelton’s persona with his own. He faithfully captures the gentleness, sweetness, and improvisational aspects of Red Skelton, effortlessly becoming the Red-that-was while simultaneously invention a Red-that-would-have-been. He kibitzes. He riffs. He touches hearts. 

Produced by Van Blaine Productions. Original released date: November 2009. Running time: Approximately 120 minutes. (Performance Only).

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