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CEMK 1982 Convention Highlights DVD Set

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  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

This two-disc DVD-R set features highlights from the very first Close Encounters of the Magic Kind convention (CEMK) that took place in Rochester, New York in November 1982. More specifically it includes the four formal close-up shows that took place during the convention. Performance only.

There are lots of inside jokes and gags with some in poor taste. Throughout the weekend the attendees were given free beer that made the live shows lots of fun. That fun and humor does not always translate to video, especially when viewed 30+ years later. But there is tons of solid magic performed by many outstanding magicians.

Friday Afternoon Show: Gary Para, Bob Smith, Del Copley, Ed Eckel, Roy Cottee, Joe Zimmer, John Watts, Mike Gorman, Jay Sankey, and Gary Kurtz.
Friday Evening Show: Keith Walker, Tom Jones, Mike Sutton, Dan McDonald, Tony Econ, Jim Gabor, Meir Yedid, Ray Mertz, Glen Brooks, and Derek Dingle.

Saturday Afternoon Show: Brian Flugel, Ray Boston, Tim Barry, David Drake, Rich Mattner, Paul Welch, Bob Leschander, Mike Powers, Ron Zollweg, and Harry Carroll.
Saturday Evening Show: Howie Schwarzman, Bob Elliott, Barry Govan, Obie O’Brien, Frank Garcia, Walter Cummings, Richard Kaufman, Darwin Ortiz, and Allan Hayden (1/2 of act).

Keep in mind that this is a live shoot that was recording the shows and simultaneously streaming them to the outside bar/dining room areas that were full of laypeople. The DVDs are a no-frills recording of what happened. There are some audio dropouts with the second half of the Friday night show having sync problems and the video quality is not the best. Running time: Approximately five hours. Performances only.


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