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Houdini: The World’s First Superhero Trading Cards

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This is the official preview set of “Houdini: The World’s First Superhero Trading Cards” that was released in 2012. A friend of mine who consulted on the set found a small box of them and offered them to me.

It includes a total of 18 cards:

9-Houdini Poster reproduction cards: Barrel Mystery, Water Torture, Milk Can, Buried Alive, King of Cards, Houdini-Handcuff King, World Famed Mystifier, Maitre Du Mystere, and Maitre du Mystere-Robot.

1-Dorothy Dietrich hand-signed card.

6-Custom Houdini inspired designs by contemporary artists: Primo Cardinalli, Laura Inglis, Mario Sanchez, Drake Sanchez, and Dan Gorman.

2-Advertising cards.

All sets include a hand-autographed card by Dorothy Dietrich.

Produced by Frank Eachus Publishing in 2012.

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