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Ionia: Magician Princess, Secrets Unlocked

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This book is a passion project by Charles Greene. He has spent years researching, interviewing, and uncovering never before known facts about a little known, but very popular in her time, magician: Ionia whose real name was Clementine de Vere and was the youngest daughter of magicians Charles de Vere and Okita (Julia Ferrett).

She had an incredible career and life. She debuted a large illusion show in France in 1910 and then toured around the European continent. Her first husband was a world-famous lion tamer; her second, an Old World Prince. Her brother-in-law was an American millionaire. In 1914, she traveled to Russia, stayed for four years, and was trapped in Moscow during the Russian Revolution. It’s an unbelievable story, yet it’s all true. But wait, there’s more… a lot more: Houdini, Bill Robinson, T. Nelson Downs, Thurston, and George Méliès.

Discover the complete story of Ionia, Charles de Vere, Julia Ferrett, and the family de Vere. See rare programs, touring schedules, unique photos, archived Russian, Belgian, and American government documents, and all of Ionia’s known posters. Ionia was an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Unlock her secrets.

First edition. Written and published by Charles Greene III in 2022. 330-pages, 180+ full color images, 6.25”x9.25” hardcover. Foreword by Mike Caveney.

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