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Tom-Foolery Bash (1980-1985) Highlights

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Tom Mullica's Tom-Foolery opened in 1978 and closed nine years later. Thousands of patrons, hundreds of magicians and celebrities by the dozen were drawn to Tom's Magic Bar Theatre.

Five of those nine years (1979, 1980, 1983, 1984 and 1985) ended with an Anniversary Bash which was Tom's way of celebrating another year in business. These by-invitation-only Bashes were attended by around fifty of Tom's magic and comedy friends who performed, joked and partied the whole time.

Many of the formal shows were videotaped and this DVD contains some of the highlights. Featured performers (in alphabetical order) include: Gene Anderson, Bob Carver, Tim Conover, Paul Diamond, J.C. Doty, Ed Eckel, Bob Elliott, Neil Foster, Dan Garrett, Paul Gertner, Glenn  Haywood, Larry Jennings, Richard Kaufman, Roger Klause, Bob Lewis,   Jay Marshal, Gordon  Miller, Tom Mullica, Jon Racherbaumer, Jim Ryan, Howard Schwarzman,  Dave Solomon, Phil  Willmarth plus never-before-seen footage of Tom's rabbit  friend,  Duke (who was the real star of the show!).

Hosted by Jeff Hobson. Produced by Van Blaine Productions. Original released date: 2001. Running time: Approximately 100 minutes. (Performance Only).

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