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Brooklyn Classic Gaff Pack

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  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The popularity of the Brooklyn 101 Juice Decks has inspired a 42-card deck of gaffed cards that can be used for most of the popular gaffed card packet-tricks. Although the backs of the gaffs use the Brooklyn 101 back many of the cards do not actually have backs and can be used with any deck.

The deck alone is worth the asking price and costs a fraction of what replacement cards for your favorite packet tricks would cost you. There are also several gaffs that are not available anywhere else.

But the strength of this set are the three Quartet cards and the pdf instructions on how to use them. You get instructions for Jeffrey Kellogg’s “On The Open” routine which is based on the work of Marc Oberon and Mark Elsdon.

The routine is very direct. A spectator or a group of spectators name a card. That card can then be found inside an envelope in your wallet or produced from thin air. Very direct method and easy to carry and use.

The gaffed cards included in the set:
Quartet Jack, Queen, and King for “On The Open.”
4 repeatable cyclical wild card sets, (aka Tommy Wonder's “Tamed Card”).
Double faced royal flush/indifferent cards (for Martin Lewis' "Ghost Deal", aka "Magician's Poker," aka Harry Riser's "Royal Flush Assembly", aka JC Wagner's "Ghost Deal Variation").
Marked blank cards that you can draw ESP symbols or anything else you like.
Vertically split back/face royal flush cards with indifferent faces.
Mis-indexed ace of clubs with 3 of hearts, and mis-indexed three with the ace.
Red backed mis-indexed JC/JS.
Red backed mis-indexed JH/JD.
Blue backed mis-indexed JH/JD.
McDonald’s Aces.
Standard Wild Card gaffs.
Blank faced red and blue backed cards.
Double backed same both sides red and blue.
Double backed different color red/blue.

The Brooklyn Classic Gaff Pack is a limited edition of 500 sets and includes an instructional pdf for Jeffrey Kellogg’s On The Open routine.

DOWNLOAD: Includes an instructional pdf that will instantly appear in your media library.


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