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Sensi-Mental (Richard Mark, Marc Salem)

  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: MENTALISM
  • Product Type: BOOK

Every one of our copies has been hand-autographed by Richard Mark and Marc Salem.

This is a collection of easy mentalism pieces by Richard Mark and Marc Salem. The routines use known principles and methods, but the strengths of this booklet are the excellent presentations which revolve around you having superhuman senses and skills.

Routines include:
Not Your Lazy Man: A handling of the classic Lazy Magician Card Trick.
376: You make it impossible for the spectator to use his hand to draw a number in the air.
You Can Handle The Truth: Based on the classic Hummer routine you have one of three business cards signed by the spectator and turned face down. You then find the initialed card.
Tic-Tac Tell Revisited: Three packages of different flavored Tic Tacs are given to the spectator. They are instructed to take out one tic tac and place it in their mouth. You then tell them what flavor they are tasting.
A Change In Change: This is taken right out of Marc Salem’s act. You toss a ball of paper into the audience. An audience member counts how much change they have in their pocket and you apparently miss. Until the original ball of paper is opened to correct your mistake.
A Touch Of Color: Spectators write the words hot and cold on pieces of paper and put them inside five envelopes. You can then find which envelope is hot.
Eidetic Reflection: An impromptu book test using any borrowed book but you can still reveal the spectator’s thought of word.

Published by Richard Mark and Marc Salem in 2019. 32-pages, 8.5x5.5, saddle stitched. All our copies have been autographed by both Richard Mark and Marc Salem.

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