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Impossible Tear Bills

  • Smooth $20 Bills (Out of Stock)
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Over the years there have been many different formulations of paper that cannot be torn. This is perhaps the best. At a recent magic convention one of these Impossible Tear $20 bills were handled by hundreds of magicians who tried to rip them in half with no luck. And the bill remained in almost perfect condition.

You can use them as a gag or for magic tricks using money where you don’t want the paper bills to wear out. The designs of the bills were changed enough to keep you from getting arrested for counterfeiting, but still look like the real thing at a glance.

They are available in two varieties:

►Smooth $20 Bills: These look like real US $20 bills but are practically impossible to tear. You get four of them in the package.

►Blurry $20 Bills: These $20 bills are made of the same impossible tear material but have a blurred look. You can use them for bill switches while explaining that everything looks like this to you without your glasses on. You get four of them in the package.

Comes with four replica US $20 bills that are practically indestructible. Manufactured by MagicWorld UK. Limited quantity. No instructions. Available in both smooth and blurry editions.

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