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Stretching Dollar Bill Gag

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  • Category: NOVELTY
  • Product Type: NOVELTY

This is a real United States dollar bill that has been strategically cut to allow it to stretch to almost twice its length and then snap back to normal. In the 1960s this was a popular gag that many magicians and clowns used with lines like "This is how to stretch your spending dollar" or "Watch me make my money grow." All who used it had to make their own bills, which was difficult and used to take a very long time.

In the 1990s Jack Sandorse figured out how to mass-produce them and used to sell them to his friends. This is the first time that this precision-cut Stretching Bill has been available for the mass market. And remember -- they are made from real one-dollar bills. These are the last of what Jack made. Nobody has been able to reproduce the manufacturing process.

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