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Walking Liberty Silver Hopping Half

  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Hopping Half is a classic of the gaffed coin magic genre where you display a silver half dollar and a large copper penny in your hand. You then remove the copper coin and put it away, but when you open your hand it is back in your fist. You repeat, this time taking away the half-dollar, it too comes back, this is repeated several times with the two coins and each time it becomes cleaner and more impossible. As a finale the spectator decides which coin to put away but when the fist is opened for the last time everything is gone. Self-working.

This custom set is made from real Silver Walking Liberty half dollars and Copper Australian pennies.

Comes complete with a real Silver Walking Liberty half dollar with a matching expanded shell. The Copper Australian penny is a devious nest of three coins with a hidden Walking Liberty coin inside also known as a Sun & Moon coin. Comes with basic instructions. Manufactured by Ted Bogusta’s Martinka Magic.

Media Type Shipped Product

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