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World-Class Magic DVD (Carl Cloutier)

  • Difficulty: ADVANCED
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

Carl Cloutier who has won just about every major close-up magic competition in the world, including the 1994 FISM World Championship in Yokohama, Japan performs and explains some of the routines that have garnered him a worldwide reputation.

His trademark is strong, very visual magic that leaves his audiences astounded and laughing. Most of the routines can also be used on stage.

Routines performed and explained include:
►Sports Illustrated: Miniature sports balls vanish, appear and transform from a rubber ball to a golf ball, soccer ball and finally into a basketball.
►Smoker's Delight: A funny and magical routine using cigarettes that is filled with flash appearances and vanishes, structured around a trip through customs.
►Cup and Balls: A killer routine for the miniature cup and balls -- the cup appears, the balls appear, change color, grow and vanish.
►Pencil Through Coin: One of the cleanest methods for accomplishing this classic effect. Borrow a coin, insert the pencil through the center of the coin and hand the coin back.
►Money Madness: Two borrowed ten dollar bills fuse into a twenty. A check is now used to produce coins and after the shower of coins the check changes into the original tens.
►Simple Battery: Your deck of cards doesn’t work so you remove a dead battery from it and replace it with a new one.
►Candy Cards: A giant contact lens is removed and replaced in your eye. You introduce a deck with different backs but with all the faces the same. A Lifesaver back is selected and a roll of lifesavers are produced. Five cards are selected and the backs match the roll of candy. Then you produce a chocolate bar and magically reassemble the candy into its original wrapper.
►To Bounce Or Not To Bounce: A quick routine for the bounce, no bounce balls.

In teaching these routines Carl also tips the many techniques he uses with topits and sleeving to vanish, produce, conceal and switch small objects.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Original release date: DVD: June 2010, VHS: 2000. Running time: Approximately 80 minutes.

Special DVD Features:
Product Previews.
DVD Trailers.

Media Type Shipped Product

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