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Japanese Coins & Shell Set

$15.00 - $75.00
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK
  • BONUS: Shelled Coins Across Routines Tutorial.

Almost all “Chinese” coins that have been used in magic have flaws that keep them from looking real. Whether the characters are reversed or not even Chinese, they often say something silly, or have weird colors that make them look like toys. This is something that always bothered me. I even called them fake Chinese coins when performing with them.

But I was not the only one. Christian Scherer felt the same way… but he did something about it. In the 1980s he commissioned a set of half-dollar size coins that were made to look like real coins. That is what inspired the production of this new set.

Our designer, Akemi Yoshida, found ancient Japanese Coins that would look good for magic and redesigned them to look modern. This coin is based on the Taisho Era coin from around 100 years ago.

The coins were enlarged to US Half Dollar size, they were stamped in brass, and were given an antique gold finish. The expanded shell was manufactured by making duplicate coins that were a little larger than a half dollar and then a lathe was used to hollow them out and create a perfect shell with full coverage. It is so good that you can show both sides of the shelled coin and you can’t tell that it is there.

The set includes four regular Japanese coins and a matching shell. They are half-dollar size which is around 1.2-inches in diameter. Extra coins are also available.

BONUS: Every purchase of the set will include access to a 20-minute video tutorial starring David Roth, Derek Dingle, and Michael Gallo who teach their favorite coins across routines using a shell.

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