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Flashlight Signal

  • Fake Flashlight (Out of Stock)
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: NOVELTY
  • Product Type: NOVELTY

This is not a magic trick but a quick and memorable gag. You get a small flashlight that you explain is a counterfeit detector, similar to the light banks use to detect counterfeit money.

You ask to borrow some money, or any other object, you flash the light on it and it will be identified as a copy or a fake.

Comes in two different varieties:
Copy Flashlight: When you turn on the flashlight it will shine the word “COPY.” Best way to use it is to ask someone if the wallet, watch, phone, purse, clothing, or any branded item they have is real or one of the knockoffs copies you can get on eBay. You then introduce your counterfeit detector and shine it on their item… it will spell “COPY” in bold letters.

Fake Flashlight: When you turn on the flashlight it will shine the word “FAKE.” This can be used for everything the Copy light is used for but can also be used on money to see if it is real or fake, or shine it on a newspaper to see if the news is real or fake.

Please specify which one you want. The flashlight is 3.25 inches long, .5 in diameter and has a keychain attached as pictured. It uses four replaceable batteries.

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