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Silver M Ring

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The M Ring was originally popularized by Nate Leipzig in the 1920s, after he supposedly purchased one in France, and has been worn by magicians and mentalists ever since. If you look through some magic books or even videos you will see many well-known magicians and mentalists wearing them. At one time there were secretive private clubs (of magicians and mentalists) in New York City where every member would wear a customized version of it so they could recognize each other when at social events. I believe that practice still goes on.

The ring design which resembles the letter M when cut in half and flattened is also known as a Wishbone Ring or a Wizard Ring. It has also been used as a holdout device because of the pointy edges. You can easily stick a card, a coin, a poker chip, etc… and have the ring hold it in place.

Richard Micucci whose jewelry and medal factory is a couple of miles from our warehouse decided to tackle this project and produce some of these rings for his friends and then agreed to allow us to sell them.

The rings are made of 925 sterling silver and are cast using lost wax, they are then hand-filed and polished. They are packed in a small velvet bag that can also be used to clean them. The available sizes are US 9, 10, 11, and 12 (attached is a size chart that will translate those sizes for all other countries).

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