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Squirting Half Dollar

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The classic Squirting Nickel was invented by Soren Sorensen Adams and marketed by his company S.S. Adams Co. which was purchased by Ted Bogusta.

Ted decided to try and make one using a real half dollar, which was not as simple as it seemed. He finally designed one with a hollowed half dollar, custom made cavities, and a perfectly positioned hole. The coin held a lot of water and at times could shoot an eight-foot stream of water. In most cases you can get 1-3 squirts averaging around 2-3 feet.

Shortly after he started advertising it, it was knocked off by a Chinese company and sold to many magic shops. The knockoffs, however, could not empty the chamber and the streams were very short.

Ted recently found a small supply of the original half dollars and is allowing me to sell some of them. Once they are gone, I doubt they will ever be made again.

Comes with a precision-made Squirting Half Dollar (made from real coins). Instructions explained in the trailer. Manufactured by Martinka Magic.

NOTE: I understand that similar devices were used by spy agencies to covertly deliver poison. These are being sold for entertainment purposes only!

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • This is THE best gag ever.

    5 Stars

    This is THE best gag ever.
    I love practical jokes, nut almost never pay one because I dont want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make fools of them, which is usually impossible. But not with this bad boy. I set it ip by doing a pivot vanish very slowly, then say I’ll show them how it’s done. Instead, I do a second vanish,; theyre burning my hands , and I squirt the water over their head. So they get the shock, but don’t get wet and thus don’t feel foolish.

    It’s beautifully crafted and can give three long shots on one filling.

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