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Soft Drink Surprise (Ron Frost)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

You remove six cards from your wallet. On your left you place two cards with a Coca-Cola logo on their back and one card with a Pepsi logo on its back. On your right you put down two Pepsi cards and one Coke card.

The audience is asked to watch carefully as you slowly move the cards around. The Pepsi and Coke cards are switched and placed face-up giving you one pile of Coke and one pile of Pepsi cards.

Now the fun begins. The cards are switched back and forth as the spectators keep track of them. Just as everyone swears that there is one of each card in front of him, you show that the Pepsis are on the left and the Cokes are on the right.

Then, asking your spectators what's on the back of the face-up cards, they will guess either Pepsi or Coke - they will be shocked to see that both cards have changed into Budweiser beer cards. Soft Drink Surprise could drive someone to drink, but what to drink is the real question.

Comes complete with all necessary cards, plastic wallet and photo illustrated instructions. Very easy.

Media Type Shipped Product

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