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Daredevil Refill Deck (Henry Evans)

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: GAMING
  • Product Type: PLAYING CARDS

The Daredevil Deck is basically a red Phoenix back deck with a new marking system hidden within the back design. What makes this special is that once you find the marks you will never be able to un-see them. They are by far the easiest to see and identify. The marks are huge and can be seen from across the table and even on stage while being a few feet away from the cards.

It is a marked deck that you can read blindfolded, with markings 350% bigger than the Phoenix Marked Decks and 700% bigger than the Ultimate Marked Deck.

Perfect for parlor, stage and video performances where you absolutely have to know the identity of a selected card or cards. Ideal for magicians with bad eyesight, that can no longer use a marked deck. (One deck only, no instructions).

Media Type Shipped Product

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