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Kaleidoscope Cards (Justin Gilmore)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Playing card collecting has become a huge business. Both for producers and collectors. Justin Gilmore, who is a collector with a very extensive collection, has put together these special Kaleidoscope decks by mixing cards from many different decks in his collection. A classic Kaleidoscope deck is basically a deck with different back designs but all the same faces, except for the necessary force cards, and can be used for routines such as Gemini Twins, Quintuplicate Coincidence and others of that ilk. As a collector he gave a lot of thought to the grouping of cards to make the decks more aesthetically pleasing and random looking. Some of the decks are also themed by colors, occasions, potential market, etc… The cards also have randomness to them: some are USPC, China, clear, advertising, picture, plastic, Gemaco, and other brands. There even seems to be a couple Bridge size cards in each.

But the real value of these cards, from a collector’s point of view, is the opportunity to get a sample of these hard-to-find backs for a fraction of what it would have cost you if you had to buy the decks separately. Just owning or displaying these is a pretty impressive collection.

You get a complete deck as described above that comes in a blank card box (printed by USPC) and basic instructions. You will randomly get one of the standard thematic versions (we have 3 different ones if you want to buy more than one). We also have Christmas themed decks and Kid friendly decks available. If you want one of those just mention  Xmas or Kid when ordering. Very limited quantities available.

Media Type Shipped Product

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