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Sphere (Golf Ball) Puzzle

  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Category: PUZZLE
  • Product Type: PUZZLE

This is a three-piece puzzle which comes with two precision cut pieces of plexiglass that when assembled have room in the middle for a ball which is included. Once assembled it looks like an impossible object that can be displayed on a desk.

After showing the assembled puzzle with the ball in the middle you take it out of view and can instantly separate it into three pieces. You hand them to a spectator to examine and ask them to reassemble it. It will be almost impossible for most people as it requires true lateral thinking.

Manufactured in Slovenia. Comes with the two pieces of plexiglass, a silver ball, and a link to a video tutorial. Will also work with any standard size golf ball.

NOTE: The puzzle's instructional video will be in your media library as soon as you complete the purchase. But you might want to wait till you handle the props first to see if you can solve the puzzle without any help.


  1. Sphere Puzzle Video Instructions

Media Type Shipped Product

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