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Tile Puzzle (Winston Freer)

  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Winston H. Freer (1910-1981) had a tremendous impact on the magic field and is mostly known for his classification of magic tricks and the Tile Puzzle that has had a resurgence since magicians and mathematicians started demonstrating it online. It ignited many versions and variations.

It was originally published under his stage name Doc Maxam and called Tiledeal which was his extension of Paul Curry’s Paradox (also referred to as a geometric vanish). It is easier for you to watch the trailer to see what happens and how impossible it looks than trying to explain the routine.

There have been many different versions of this impossible puzzle made from many different materials. There have also been many versions that use secret gimmicks that accomplish the same effect.

This particular version is based on the Winston Freer original and is very easy to do. The pieces were simultaneously printed on three 3D printers that ran for fourteen hours and the overall size is 5.5”x6.75”x1.25”.

Comes complete with the 10-piece plastic puzzle, plastic case, and access to an online video tutorial by Meir Yedid. Manufactured by Mitch Geier.

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Customer Reviews

  • I love this mystery puzzle!

    5 Stars

    I love this mystery puzzle! After counting 63 tiles, you suddenly find that you still have the original 63, but now there are 3 extra tiles! It is cleverly designed and the method is difficult to discover. This version is reasonably priced too.

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