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Extreme Rubber Band Magic

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

Joe Rindfleisch is one of the masters of rubber band magic and on this DVD you get to see many of his creations. Routines include: Spaghetti Up Nose Flurry, B.A.R. Band, Retention Jump, Hand Jump, Ultimate Jum, Stretching It, Crazy Penetration, What Not, Telekinesis, Across The Great Divide, Six Strand, Smarty Pans, Quick Drop Reverse, Hollow Hand, Color Changing Band, Interweave, Pans Link, Medusa Stare, No Knot, The Ring, Grand Opening, Fingertip Restoration, Eat Away, Delayed Snap, Rubber Necking, Jo-Dan Link, Remote Link, One T(w)o One, No Way Restoration, Bermuda Vanish, Fast And Roose, Interlace Vanish, and Safety Band.

Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Original release date: July 2005. Running time: Approximately 100 minutes.

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