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Confusing Crayons (Tom Yurasits)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: STAGE MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The “Topsy-Turvy Bottles” is a classic of family magic shows and has even been used by comedy magicians at comedy clubs and on TV. The plot is a simple “do-as-I-do” routine where the spectator follows your actions and but every time they lift their tube their bottle is upside-down while yours is right-side-up.

Tom Yurasits’ took that routine and re-engineered it to work with giant plastic crayons.

You show a red and a yellow crayon and two blue tubes that fit over them. A spectator selects one of the crayons and then follows your every move, yet their crayon is always upside-down while yours is right-side up. And you can even exchange crayons with the spector at any time, and it will work with either color!

Comes complete with two tubes (11.5”x3”), Two large crayons (10.5”x2.5”), a special gimmick that makes everything work and written instructions.

This great trick has been knocked-off but the version you are getting is the original that was produced by Tom Yurasits Productions.

Note: The performance video has Tom ending the routine with a kicker small crayon which is not included as part of the regular set you are purchasing.

Media Type Shipped Product

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