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Pocket Technicolor Prediction (Martin Lewis)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is Martin Lewis’ latest version of his classic Technicolor Prediction. This new edition has the advantages of fitting in your jacket pocket and still play huge… for the largest audiences. As before it is self-working, gets lots of laughs and has an impossible ending.

The basic routine starts out with you showing three different colored envelopes. A woman selects one (let us say yellow) and takes the folded prediction inside it, a man selects one (let us say red) and takes the folded prediction inside it, and the blue envelope is left for you. The prediction in that envelope is handed to a third spectator for safe keeping.

When the woman opens her prediction is says, “You will select yellow.” This gets a big laugh as people start to figure out what is going on. The man opens his prediction, and it says, “You will select red.” Another laugh.

But here is when it gets good: When the person holding the blue prediction that was left for you, opens it, and starts reading it, it says, “The woman will choose yellow, the man will choose red, and I will be left with the blue!”

A quick, direct and entertaining magic routine that works itself.

Comes complete with three envelopes, nine predictions, instructional booklet, access to a 30-minute online video tutorial, and a DVD with instructions and templates on how to make your own envelopes. Manufactured by Magikraft Studios.

Media Type Shipped Product

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