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Mirage Cards (JB Dumas & David Stone)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: TRICK

Based on Paul Harris’ Vanishing Deck this new gimmick made of durable plastic with moving parts makes the routine practical and clean. It also allows for many new types of routines where the vanishing deck is just a part of the effect.

Mirage is a compact, lightweight & versatile gimmick that allows for the most visual deck vanish in history. The gimmick also has built in convincers which can show a bunch of moving cards before the deck vanish. If you are familiar with the original gimmick, the main difference between the original and this, besides the sliding multi-card convincer before the vanish, is that at the end the card you are left with steals the gimmick from view and it can be shown cleanly on both sides.

You get two gimmicks: A Red Bicycle and a Blue Bicycle which you can add to any existing deck. Also comes with an instructional DVD and a bonus link to an additional hour of routines and variations.

“Another amazing David Stone release that I'll be carrying with me." …Doug McKenzie

Media Type Shipped Product

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