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Narcissus (Chris Philpott)

  • Difficulty Rating: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

Based on Chris Philpott’s brilliant “100th Monkey principle” that has taken the stand-up magic and mentalism world by storm this is his attempt to customize it for intimate and close-up performances. All you need is a spectator with a camera phone and some of these printed cards and papers and you will create memorable magic. Magic that will stay on their phone!

In each effect, a picture of a spectator taken on his own phone magically changes under the most impossible conditions.

The five included routines are:
►The Fortune Teller:
You give your volunteer a card with a picture of a "haunted" fortune teller machine on one side and Romani (Gypsy) writing on the other. You borrow a cell phone and take a picture of the spectator holding the card -- but when they look at the photo, the foreign words have changed to English and they give the spectator's fortune! It is uncannily accurate and can even predict a lucky number or chosen card!
►Unhypnotized: As you begin to hypnotize someone you discover that they are already hypnotized! Then the magic begins... A beautiful, empowering routine.
►The Pledge: You ask a spectator to pledge to assert their free will by reading a statement on video: "My will is strong! I will make a free choice" Then they choose a card under very fair conditions. Yet it turns out that you've controlled their mind: when they look at the image on their phone it says, "My will is stolen!" and names the card they chose.
►I Want to See My Future: Predicting the future is a dangerous thing and sometimes people "kill the prophet." So to verify a spectator's consent, you take a picture of them holding a card that reads "I want to see my future!" But when they look at the photo, the words on the card have changed to reveal their future in a surprising, accurate and funny way.
►No Art: A spell from Harry Potter reveals a secret thought. You ask a spectator to think of a person (or place or thing) and then you have them hold a card that says "I am thinking of a thing." You cast the "Aparecium" revealing spell from Harry Potter and now when they look at the picture, their secret thought is visible.

The package includes:
A 90-minute instructional DVD.
A 66-page instructional pdf booklet.
12 postcards to instantly perform all the routines.
145 extra images in jpg format that you can print.

"I couldn't recommend this more!!!!!! It's powerful, brilliant and above all effective. It's a no-brainer... this should be in your arsenal if you want to blow people’s minds. Bravo Chris, you've done it again! IMHO I feel this kind of magic is the next step in the evolution of our profession... advancing us to be perceived beyond mere mortals." …Joe Monti

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