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Sword Illusion: ProCase

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: PUZZLE

The Magic Sword Illusion is arguably one of the best and most deceptive illusions in magic. The problem is that it looks like a toy.

Even with its childish appearance many magicians use it as an introductory piece of magic when doing walk-around or when trying to impress people during informal situations.

It creates an impossible illusion of a knife repeatedly penetrating through a toothpick or any such object. It is truly a mind-boggling illusion that seems impossible even after you know how it works.

The inventor of this remarkable illusion and mechanism was Moritz Heinrich Böninger who applied for the patent in 1932 and received it in 1933. It was first released by Louis Marx and Company in the 1930s as the Yogi Decapitation Illusion (with similar versions simultaneously appearing in different countries). Since then there have been many versions and variations made both in metal and in plastic.

After much R&D Bill Schmeelk and Meir Yedid designed a casing that surrounds the toy and makes it look more durable and less of a toy.

This is a custom-made piece and will be available in a very limited quantity. It is made of Delrin Acetal Homopolymer Resin and tightly fits around the standard Sword Illusion. Its dimensions are 2.25 inches in diameter and a little less than 3/4 inches in height. It comes complete with a Sword Illusion already embedded and a Bamboo Pick, so it can be performed immediately. We recommend you purchase spare Magic Sword Illusions just in case they are discontinued.

Media Type Shipped Product

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