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TIES: The Invisible Elastic System

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  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

TIES (The Invisible Elastic System) is Penguin Magic’s version of the invisible elastic bands that were first introduced by Finn Jon. You get ten TIES in every package.

But what makes this package so very special is the two-hour video tutorial that comes with the TIES. It features Nick Locapo, Nathan Kranzo, Cash Wallace, Travis Askew, Seth Race, and Nick Popa performing and teaching their favorite routines.

You will learn levitations and animations using bills, receipts, ChapStick, rubber bands, playing cards, silverware, food, rings, water bottles, cell phones, and more. And the routines you will learn can obviously be adapted to other objects.

Comes with ten TIES and access to a two-hour video tutorial. Manufactured by Penguin Magic.

"When you first showed me these, I was blown away by the quality. Now I never leave home without them! Endless possibilities!" Dynamo

"TIES are my everyday carry so I can always perform a miracle. TIES are priced right, great quality, and the instructional video is top notch." …Nathan Kranzo

"Just like a great TIE completes a great outfit; a TIE is the invisible asset that completes a great commando performer. It's the perfect advance prep for a powerful 'impromptu' performance - always out of sight, but always available, giving you the ability to go beyond sleight of hand at any time, in any place. Magic utilizing threads become truly amazing when it seems absolutely impossible for you to have access to such a thing. Now, thanks to TIES, the power of magic is literally in your hands." …Michael Ammar

NOTE: Around 20 years ago Penguin released a system with the same name where you had to tie your own invisible threads. This is not that. These are pre-tied and are ready to go.

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