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Thanx for attending my Bag Of Trix Lecture

All the offers that were part of the lecture have expired. Thank you for your support.

Since the final lecture has been recorded and archived and since this page has been shared online and in newsletters I am leaving it here with the links to the products that were discussed and taught.

Most of the items below also have video demonstrations for you to view and consider.

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Amazing Jumping Arrow: HERE
The impossible paddle routine where the arrow appears, vanishes and jumps all over the place.

BS Board: HERE
The plastic gag card that explains why you are an entertainer and ends with an unexpected surprise.

Capitulating Queens: HERE
My latest release, by Jim Swain, where the backs of the cards keep changing color.

Card Marx: HERE
The Customized Twists routine that I taught that was first released with Card Marx stickers.

Coin Trick Carrier: HERE
The case I use to carry my close-up routines and display the Magician Badge.

Customizable Twists: HERE
The customized twisting routine taught at the lecture.

Fifty-Two Thoughts: HERE
A brilliant mentalism routine that uses multiple gags at the beginning.


Magician Badge: HERE
My go to gag to introduce myself as a magician to strangers.


The impossible coin vanishes and appearances using a special gimmick.


Royalistic: HERE
My favorite packet effect with a Poker theme and an impossible ending.

Six To One Dice: HERE
I dice quickie where you show that you can control what numbers people see.

Wonder Bill: HERE
An impossible bill illusion that happens in the spectator’s hands.



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