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Fifty-Two Thoughts (Cody S. Fisher)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

An impossible mind reading routine that will stun any audience. Fifty-Two Thoughts is a self-contained routine that fits in your shirt pocket.

Starting with a folded sheet of paper, you make a series of comical predictions that get funnier as the sheet is unfolded. This phase of the routine ends with a final gag as the spectator names a playing card and you unfold the prediction to show an entire deck printed on the paper and point to one card -- proving your prediction was correct.

The gags act as a perfect setup for the next sequence which begins in a comical vein but suddenly becomes absolutely impossible. Handing the sheet of paper to the spectator, you ask them to shuffle and cut the cards. You demonstrate by ripping the sheet in two and giving the spectator a free choice of either half. The spectator continues to rip the sheet in half until there are a bunch of small pieces of paper in their hand. They are then instructed to mix or shuffle the pieces and freely select any piece they want.

You give the spectator a chance to exchange the pieces until they finally settle on one piece of paper. Now they merely think of one of the cards on that piece. You read their mind telling them the color, suit, and value of the thought-of card.

The final moments of Fifty-Two Thoughts are almost too strong and impossible looking to believe.

Comes complete with photo-illustrated instructions and enough material for around 50 shows. The prediction sheets are printed in two colors. You will carry this with you wherever you go. Suitable for walk-around, close-up and parlor shows. Fifty-Two Thoughts is easy and entertaining to perform.

Media Type Shipped Product

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