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Comedy Mentalism Kit (Todd Karr)

$20.00 - $80.00
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: COMEDY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is a set of Todd Karr’s reimagined collection of mentalism gag predictions. A lot of work has gone into the photography and artwork, so it looks professional and not childish. Depending on how you present them they could get big laughs or huge groans.

You can use all of them as one routine, pick the ones you like for a shorter routine, use them one at a time as a running gag between other routines, or as emcee bits between performers.

The Pocket Size edition, which fits in your pocket, is a great way to introduce yourself or your magic with a quick laugh.

What you get:
• The Baby Gag: A classic gag where a spectator names any celebrity and you show your prediction of that celebrity as a baby. Includes a second card for multiple nationality gags.
• The Bar Code Gag: A spectator names any supermarket product and its price and you reveal your prediction to be a barcode which is supposed to represent the product and price.
• 52 on 1 Gag: A spectator names any card and your prediction is a photograph with the entire deck displayed. Including the named card.
• Around The World Gag: A spectator names any city in the world and your prediction is a world map so you can point to their city.
• Birthday Prediction Gag: A spectator names any date and your prediction shows an entire calendar which includes their date.
• The No Gag: Ask a spectator if they know what word you wrote on the back of the card. They say NO and you show that your prediction is the word NO.
• Your Name Gag: You ask a spectator, “Would you be surprised if your name was on the back of this card?” When you turn over the prediction it has the words “Your Name” printed on it.
• Sanskrit Gag: This is an original gag that is open to anything you like, a word, a book, a person, a phrase, or anything you like because when you turn over the prediction your prediction is written in the ancient Sanskrit language.

►Comedy Mentalism Kit: Stage Size: Includes the nine giant (11”x14”) gag cards, a Jack of Hearts (18”x24”) fold-out poster, a large envelope to carry the predictions, and basic instructions. Originally released as Mindreading 101.

►Comedy Mentalism Kit: Pocket Size: Includes the nine, business card size (3.5”x2”) gag cards, a Poker size card, and basic instructions. Originally released as Close-Up Comedy Mentalism. 

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