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Hollywood Confidential (Todd Karr)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A commercial, ultra-clean routine that predicts if your spectator will travel to Hollywood and end up either a Famous Celebrity...or a Washed-up Has-been! 

Naturally, you tell them that they're destined to be an A-List Star! 

Thanks to a super-direct force concept, your spectators will all end up celebs… 100% of the time!

You simply lay out a row of elegant cards printed with the various destinies that might await in Tinseltown. Will they find fame? Fortune? Love?

The lush red cards look like a red carpet, welcoming your volunteer.

The spectator names a number. That's it.

Before they look at the fate that lies ahead in Movieland, you show the other cards and the terrible fates they narrowly avoided: prison, rehab, waitressing, poverty, failed plastic surgery, and more hilarious shames.

Every one of the destinies you show is comically dismal! 

Except...perhaps their card. You turn it over, and as you assured them, it says all their dreams will come true and they’ll be a huge star.

Rather than having a downer ending where the spectator ends up a loser, this routine makes the volunteer feel positive.

The same routine can be performed for two spectators simultaneously where both are successful, if you have a couple, friends, or two clients. Or have one succeed and one end up in scandal. Many combinations and presentations are possible.

Comes complete with ten specially printed pocket-size fortune cards (3.5”x2”) and written instructions that include multiple presentations, a divination routine, and Todd Karr’s 3/5 Force that can be applied to other routines. Originally released by The Miracle Factory.

Media Type Shipped Product

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