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Thindex (Todd Karr)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

The Thindex is basically a thirteen-compartment credit card holder you can insert into most wallets, props, or even within the folds of a handkerchief. Using this hidden device Todd Karr teaches you various mentalism routines you can perform where there can be 52+ prediction possibilities.

Routines explained:
Bare Bones Prediction: A card is named, and your prediction matches the free selection.
Complex Card Prediction: The prediction reveals the named card and some characteristics of the spectator.
Dreamgirl: A spectator's birthday and a selected card is predicted. 
Double Mysticism: Foretell a Tarot card and a spectator's Zodiac sign.
Rock 'n' Roll Predictions: Predict a person’s favorite musician and song or album.
Pop-Culture Predictions: Divine a person's favorite actors, shows, or movies.
Destiny's Name: Predict a spectator's first name, their lucky number, and lucky card. 
Creative Currency: You foresee a wacky bill with any president on any denomination bill.
Psychic Bartender: Envision anyone's favorite beer and how many bottles ordered. 
Spy Identity: Precisely predict a volunteer's fictional spy identity. 
Spectrum Vision: Divine a spectator's favorite lipstick shade. 
Murder Mystery: Mentally detect a murder weapon and details of a gory crime. 
Pizza Prediction: Kids create a crazy pizza order matching your prediction. 
Ice Cream Sundae: Predict your young spectators' fantasy ice cream sundae. 
Coffee House: Foretell any flavor coffee, size, and number of espresso shots.

Comes with a Thindex for you to insert in your own wallet or prop and a 20-page booklet of instructions, ideas, and routines. Originally released by The Miracle Factory.

Media Type Shipped Product

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