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Rainbow Phantom Card (Higar)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is one of the most ingenious technologies that has been applied to magic. It was created and patented by Higar and has already been released in many different forms.

Perhaps the best magic application is with playing cards.

My favorite two playing card variants are the Black Rainbow Phantom Card and the Mirror Rainbow Phantom Card. Both work the same way. The card is examinable, but when photographed, the photograph in the spectator’s smart phone appears to have turned into the spectator’s selection.

This does not work the same way as other versions. It is light years ahead of other technologies. The flash on the spectator’s phone activates things but it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Only inside the phone.

Works with any phone or camera that has a flash. Does not require any apps or additional technology. Everything is examinable.

The strongest and most important part of all the routines is that you are using the spectator’s phone to take the pictures. The spectator’s face is always framed with the reveal. The spectator will never delete the picture since nobody deletes pictures of themselves. And most importantly every time they look at the picture, they will be reminded of you and your performance.

Comes with one Rainbow Phantom Card (specify if you want Black or Mirror), and a link to my exclusive 5- minute video tutorial which teaches all the basics.

*Although all 52 force cards are available, we cannot guarantee the values you will get when making your purchase. If you buy more than one at a time, we will vary what you get by value and suit.

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Customer Reviews

  • It works great and gets a great audience reaction.

    5 Stars

    I bought the Phantom Card from Meir at a New York lecture. All I can say is … "Very cool technology". It works great and gets a great audience reaction. Plus they have a memory on their phone :-)

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    I highly recommend getting one as soon as it becomes available. You will not regret it!

    5 Stars

    I have been using the Rainbow Phantom Card since it first appeared, and I can tell you that it is among the strongest effect you can perform in any situation. I like having both versions. The "mirror" type I use when performing more formally on a table, and the black version when doing strolling or impromptu magic. I actually carry more than one, so that I can repeat the effect without creating any suspicion. It is a fun trick to perform and your audience will be totally mystified. I highly recommend getting one as soon as it becomes available. You will not regret it!

    Joe Hernandez,
    Author of "Conjurer's Wisdom"

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