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Forces Of Nature DVD (Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CARD MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD

Why have a card freely selected? Isn’t it easier to just force the spectator to choose what you want? The rest of the performance can be stress-free and you can pay full attention to creating the most impossible looking magic.

On this DVD you will learn six professional caliber card forces that Meir has used throughout his career, in many different types of routines and in just about any situation you can imagine.

Also included is his closely guarded Predetermined Pasteboard routine that he has used to fool many magicians… and laypeople.

Techniques and routines explained include:
One-Handed Slip Force, Riffle Force, Swivel Force Swindle, Chop Shuffle Force, Clean Hindu Shuffle Force, Clean Asian Shuffle Force, Fred Kaps Force, Swivel Cut, Chop Shuffle, Hindu Shuffle, Asian Shuffle, Royal Forces, Predetermined Pasteboard and more.

As a special bonus you will also see Ron Wohl explain a little known force that Fred Kaps showed him.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Produced by Meir Yedid. Original release date 2016. Running time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    A review by Marc DeSouza that appeared in the November 2016 issue of MUM Magazine:

    5 Stars

    This is a DVD that many of you will pass by, and it would be your loss. You know how tricks often say, “use your favorite force” in the description? Well this DVD presents six of them. Three are relatively standard (but Meir has great work on them), but three are little known. All are well worth knowing and using.

    The DVD is very simply shot in a studio environment. Nothing fancy here, but the audio, video and editing are good. You are really buying this for the information contained herein, and that information is worth far more than the meager asking price. Throughout the disc Meir provides lots of detail, variations, and reasons for the specific uses and personal handlings he has developed.

    He begins the project with a routine he calls Royal Forces, which showcases the first five forces, utilized to force a Royal Flush. The first is the One Handed Slip Force, a move I have seen done badly many times. Meir teaches some nice refinements and shows how he uses it for stand-up work. He next tackles another standard, the Riffle Force. Meir claims this is the force he uses most, and for good reason. It is easy, quick, and deceptive. Again, he teaches many refinements to make this one even more deceptive. He also makes a good point that this force can be used with an otherwise gaffed deck, which can be a great throw off for successive tricks performed.

    Trevor Lewis created the next force, The Swivel Force Swindle. Meir asked Trevor for permission to teach this in his marketed routines and Trevor graciously allowed him to. Good call here because this one is very easy and very deceptive. If you don’t already know it, you will immediately add it to your toolbox. Meir demonstrated the Chop Shuffle Force at last year’s Penguin Magic Dealer Day and fooled most everyone with it. It is actually hidden in The Royal Road to Card Magic, but has been passed over by most of today’s magicians. It is a great force and one I have used for many years. It is fast and natural looking as it is performed in the course of an overhand shuffle. It takes a little knack, but one that can be acquired quickly. This is one of my two favorites on the DVD.

    The last of the first five forces is actually a compilation of variations on the Hindu Shuffle Force. He also shows these ideas being performed with the Asian Shuffle position, which is actually used in many countries throughout the world (including Israel, go figure). It is very direct, but I don’t shuffle cards this way. If you are comfortable with these shuffles, you will find some ideas of merit here. He also demonstrates how these grips can be used with the Chop Shuffle previously taught.

    Finally, he comes to the gem of this project, an effect called Predetermined Pasteboard. This is an excellent and deceptive card revelation routine that has fooled many knowledgeable card men. This could easily have been sold as a separate download. It demonstrates two important things. One, that Meir is a dirty cheat, but more importantly, he teaches a little known force that he has kept under wraps for years, The Fred Kaps Force. Meir learned it from his close friend, the late Ron Wohl, who learned it from Kaps. It is based on subtlety, not sleight and it is applicable to many other routines. You will love the simplicity of this force, which is typical of Kaps's brilliance. The DVD finishes with footage of Wohl performing with and teaching the force.

    All in all, Forces of Nature is nothing fancy, but it contains some really valuable information that is very well taught. I highly recommend this to all magicians regardless of their skill level.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    A review by Dustin Stinett that appeared in the October 2016 issue of Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine:

    5 Stars

    Given that my friend Meir Yedid has been focusing on his magic business for many years, I suspect that there might be a new generation of magicians who are unaware of what a fine magician he is. He puts serious thought into his work and it’s always from a real-world point of view. That’s the direction of this short DVD that looks at six card forces. This is a collection of his “touches” on mostly standard forces including the Slip Force, Riffle Force, Swivel Force Swindle, Chop Shuffle Force, and the Hindu and Asian Shuffle Forces. Some of his ideas have never been published before, even though he has been doing them for years.

    He starts with a performance of “Royal Forces,” a quick routine using five of the six forces to arrive at a “freely selected” Royal Flush. It is what he does in his lecture when going into the segment on forces, and he teaches them in the order he uses them in the trick.

    His Slip Cut touches make it appear to be a one-handed version (in fact that’s what he calls it), but that is a liberal interpretation. The other hand must remove the top half of the deck, but by then much of the work has been done.

    His work disguises this mostly abused force from those who might know it. His refinements on the Riffle Force -- his personal favorite -- are worth looking at if, like me, you use this force a lot. It keeps the deck in order, can be used for one or more cards, and (like all of the forces on this project) is has a 100 percent success rate.

    Trevor Lewis’s Swivel Force Swindle is a powerful gambit. So much so that it is the force (with Lewis’s blessing) that Meir teaches in virtually every trick he sells that require a card to be forced. He tells us that the “most difficult” force on the DVD is the Chop Shuffle Force (you might recognize it as the Overhand Lift Shuffle Force). It requires a little finesse with the deck during an Overhand Shuffle, so there must be a certain comfort level that the performer has with a pack of cards. It’s an old force that is my second favorite, can be used to force a small packet of cards, and the best part is that it fools a lot of magicians who claim to have read The Royal Road to Card Magic but actually haven’t. If you do “Red Hot Momma” (aka “Chicago Opener”), you know the Hindu Shuffle Force. It is the one we all use to force the second selection. Some think that it is not deceptive. I’m not one of them, but Meir’s “Clean Hindu Shuffle Force” does make it even more deceptive, and I love the final “touch” he has applied to the move. So will you.

    Closely related to this force is the Clean Asian Shuffle Force. It accomplishes exactly the same thing, just that the deck is held in a grip that is common in Asia as well as the Middle East.

    He next performs “Predetermined Pasteboard,” a magician-fooling effect that uses a deceptive force credited to Fred Kaps, which is well hidden in the literature. (I’ll give you a big clue: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin share it.) Meir has kept this routine to himself for a long time, and he is releasing it here, along with the work on the Kaps force. Part of this is a lovely bit of old video of Ron Wohl describing the force at a meeting of S.A.M. Assembly 25 in New Jersey in 1997. Ron was a dear man and a terrific card magician. It’s wonderful to see him again even in this brief video clip of questionable quality. This is an excellent little DVD that any card enthusiast, including expert and seasoned performers, should put in their library.

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