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Gigantic Comedy Prediction

$20.00 - $75.00
  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: STAND-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

This is an ideal stand-up routine with intrinsic situational comedy. Even if you are not a comedian the situational comedy that is built into the routine will always get you laughs. But not just laughs… The magic is strong and there is even a duel reality ending where the spectator and the audience experience two different effects and both are impactful!

The structure of the routine is based on previous ideas and combinations marketed over the years. The closest version to this is George Schindler’s Zycho.

The basic routine starts out by you showing the audience how a trick works by performing it for a spectator on stage. You begin by showing a Gigantic Prediction Card (The Queen of Hearts) and placing it in full view.

You then show a fan of Jumbo cards to the audience and get a big laugh when they see that all the cards are Queens of Hearts and the spectator has no choice but to select a Queen that matches your prediction.

So, a card is selected and the spectator names their selection, The King of Spades! Another huge laugh. But wait… when the prediction is revealed it is a Gigantic King of Spades!

Two different effects just happened, one to your participant and the other to the entire audience! It is kind of a sucker/dual reality routine.

The set of cards you get can either be used as above with Queens and a King selection or with Kings and a Queen selection, in case you want to repeat it in the same venue for a different audience.

A MyMagic Product. Comes complete with a Gigantic Prediction Card (10.5” x 15”) that is transformational, a set of Jumbo Forcing Cards (5” x 7”), and access to a 30-minute video tutorial featuring Meir Yedid, Jim Spinnato, Rick Wilcox, and George Schindler.

Extra Forcing Packet:
Many people have asked for extra Forcing Packets because they wore the cards out, lost them or wanted to fan a larger group of cards for the selection. The Extra Forcing Packets include the same set of seven cards that come with the Gigantic Comedy Prediction. You get five QH/KS mis-spotted Jumbo cards, a matching Jumbo QH and a matching Jumbo KS. No instructions.

When I consider putting a new piece into my show it must be Powerful, Portable, and Practical… This passed all 3 of my requirements!... An excellent new piece to add to your show. …Jeff McBride

I have worked hard all my magical career to make my magic both entertaining and funny. Gigantic Comedy Prediction does all that for you. Thanks, Meir, for releasing this.Stephen Bargatze (I.B.M. President, 2020-2021)


Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • This one gets my highest recommendation.

    5 Stars

    Review by Norman Beck that appeared in the November 2020 issue of the MUM.

    I have been cooped up for about six months because of the coronavirus, and this has given me more time to spend on reading, writing, and magic. I have seen more magic and learned more magic, and that is a good thing.

    I am very slow to spend money on magic. I find that most magic is overpriced. If you spend ten dollars on a download, watch it once, and forget it, that was very expensive. In regard to this product, you spend $75, but you receive quality props, expert instructions, and six to eight minutes of good quality comedy stage magic that you will use. That is a steal -- and you didn’t rob anyone.

    This routine has been around a long time. A spectator is brought onstage and you show the audience an oversized playing card that your volunteer does not see. You ask him to select a card from one of several you have in a fan that you have shown the audience. (They are all shown to be the Queen of Hearts.) The volunteer takes one, and when you ask him the card he says the King of Spades.

    This does not match the jumbo prediction that you first showed the audience. But when you now turn it around, they match.

    No rough and smooth.
    No switches.
    No stooges.
    No sleight of hand.
    No memory work.
    No set-up.
    No bullshit.

    Unlike many tricks on the market, where the dealer tells you something is good, in this case Meir shows you, with live footage of professional magicians actually doing the routine in their show. Tricks like this are few and far between. This one gets my highest recommendation.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    I was so impressed that I immediately ordered a back up set! HIGHLY recommended.

    5 Stars

    Hey magic friends, Cody Fisher here. I just wanted to post a quick review of Meir's "Gigantic Comedy Prediction". If you are looking for good, commercial stand up magic that is easy to do and allows you to focus 100% on the presentation, then THIS IS IT! The props are well made and do most of the work for you. I was so impressed that I immediately ordered a back up set! HIGHLY recommended.

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$20.00 - $75.00