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Progressive Bills (Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: STAND-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A routine right out of Meir Yedid’s professional stage and parlor acts. One he has been performing for most of his career. This is a quick version of the bill repeat plot that is logical, self-working, and has a powerful “applauds cue” ending. The brilliant part of the method is that the big finale serves as the secret gimmick throughout the routine. The routine ends with a flash unfold that produces the gimmick to great applauds.

The basic routine involves five one-dollar bills which are cleanly counted and displayed. You then cleanly remove one and put it away. But when you count the remaining bills, you still have five left. This can be repeated as many times as you like (within reason) depending on your presentation and as a finale the bills visually transform into a giant five-dollar bill.

It is completely self-contained, packs small (fits in a wallet or envelope), always ready to perform, ideal for stage and platform shows, a perfect Emcee routine and can even be a hit in family and children’s shows.

The supplied gimmicks will have to be prepared before the first performance with a little gluing and folding that is clearly explained in the tutorial. You will also have to supply your own US one-dollar bills.

Comes with three special gimmicks (one to experiment with, one to practice with, and one to perform with), and access to an online video tutorial. A Meir Yedid Magic product.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • David Regal Review from the February 2024 issue of Genii Magazine

    5 Stars

    In the 1920s, Tommy Tucker invented the “Six Card Repeat” trick, and to say it caught on is a gross understatement. By the time I was off seeing magic shows as a youngster it seemed every emcee was performing some version of the trick, probably because it packs (very) small/plays big. And it wasn’t done just with cards. In 1937 Genii published Tom Bowyer’s “The Repeat Bill Trick,” a version of the plot utilizing dollar bills.

    Mr. Yedid’s routine involves counting five bills very fairly from hand to hand, pocketing one bill, and still being left with five bills in the hands.

    This is repeated to humorous effect, leading to what makes this routine stand out: a clear, applause-inducing climax. At a moment when the audience is sure the basic effect is about to be repeated, the bills in the hand visually transform into a HUGE (13.5” by 5.75”) five-dollar bill. This note of magical finality is what the routine needs, and what it finally receives thanks to Mr. Yedid. This is very simple to perform, and Yedid even teaches a method involving zero moves.

    Considerations: You are supplied with three of the necessary specially printed giant bills, all you should ever require.

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  • Look forward to using it in performance.

    5 Stars

    I found the trick simple to prepare. Not at all time consuming nor a major art project. The "art supply" you need is probably the second item any magician has purchased, number one being double sided scotch tape... the second being a liquidy adhesive which rhymes with blubber cement. It isn't that hard.

    The instructions are clear for the prop preparation, the setup for performance and in regards to the actual routine.

    Look forward to using it in performance.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
    2 Stars

    Not giving it "Two Stars" because of the instruction; Meir again provides great, clear teaching of this effect and its preparation.

    It's because you'll need to spend a significant amount of "Arts and Crafts" time and effort, before you rehearse the routine for the first time.

    And, as one might guess, you'll need a specific craft supply to prepare the gimmick.

    Also, you'll need to acquire additional items to perform the routine.

    All items are easily obtainable; but if you don't have them on hand, you'll be out of luck until you "go shopping".

    While Tyvek doesn't "hold a fold" as suggested, fold lines can be scored in a printshop.

    And, while I'm sure the gimmick supplied holds up well, as Meir suggests in the video, the ease of the "arts and crafts" of preparing the gimmick -- as well as the durability of the folds -- would be improved by scoring the paper supplied.

    Or, it would be helpful to have printed thin "guide lines" on the unseen part of the gimmick to help prepare it for the first time.

    That written, this is "my kind of routine" -- which is why I purchased it. After I replace the dried-out bottle of necessary "stuff", and obtain the other "things" -- and find time to manufacture it -- I'm quite certain I'll be performing Progressive Bills.


    I wanted to address the comments in the above review. The two items you will need to supply are glue and nine one-dollar bills. Nothing else.

    We originally considered scoring the bills and printing fold lines but decided that it would be a disaster from the purchaser’s point of view because if the single bill that has to be glued is off even a fraction of an inch it would make it almost impossible to align anything. Our solution was to let you glue the bill without worry and then fold everything around it. …Meir

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