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Sweet Prediction (Ted Bogusta)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: GENERAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A sold-out hit at Magic Live that everyone was referring to as the Jellybean trick and requesting to see.

It is a borrowed and signed coin to impossible location routine that is disguised as a game with a prize and a prediction. The appearance of the signed coin comes as a total surprise.

The basic routine begins with you explaining that this is a magic trick, a prediction, and a game.

You borrow a quarter (or similar sized coin). Have the spectator remember the date and initial it.

You then place the coin inside an envelope and keep it in full view as you introduce a paper bag that you explain contains the prize if your prediction is wrong.

You then open the bag and remove a jar full of candy (or anything you like). You explain that the jar also contains the prediction of the coin’s date and if your prediction is wrong, they get to keep all the candy.

The spectator opens the jar and pulls a ribbon out from the bottom of the jar and on the end of the ribbon is a clip with a coin attached to it. You explain that the date on the coin should match the date they are thinking of… which it does.

But here is the unexpected shocker. When they turn over the coin, they see their initials on it.

It is extremely easy to do and open to different types of presentations. The bag with the jar inside can also be kept in full view during the entire routine. You can also use the jar to load billets with predictions. Instead of candy you can fill the jar with anything you like (except liquids or powders). Resetting the jar between performances will take 1-3 minutes.

Comes with a gimmicked candy jar, loading gimmick, coin envelopes, paper bags, and access to an online video tutorial. Manufactured by Martinka Magic. Use your own candy.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • David Regal Review from the February 2024 issue of Genii Magazine

    5 Stars

    In this effect a quarter is marked (it can be borrowed). The quarter vanishes, or is placed inside a small envelope, then the performer indicates a small paper bag that has been in full view. Inside the bag is a clear candy jar about 4.5” high, with a screw-on lid. The jar is packed with candy. The spectator now unscrews the lid. Amidst the candy one can see a steel ring attached to a black ribbon. The spectator takes hold of the ring and pulls the ribbon up out of the jar. At the end of the ribbon is a steel clip, and in the jaws of the clip is the signed quarter. No switches.

    I first saw this effect performed on video—a very basic dealer demo Mr. Yedid did while at a convention—and I had no idea how the smooth handling was possible. I then watched Mr. Bogusta’s equally basic, no-frills video demo of the effect and was even more bothered by the ease with which the coin was loaded. Then, I watched the video explanation and was put out of my misery. The method is exceptionally clever, and not overly complex. In short, exactly the type of practical solution one hopes for.

    As for the coin vanish, a simple envelope method is taught, but an experienced magician will certainly use his or her preferred method. What you are really paying for is the system by which a coin is not simply inserted into a candy jar, but placed into the jaws of a clip that is suspended from a length of ribbon, all while being surrounded by candy. I want to stress that these conditions make the revelation of the coin seem particularly impossible. And it is all accomplished with natural motions in the space of a second or two.

    You are supplied with everything you need but the candy, quarter, and a marker. The price is high, but when you see the manner in which the plastic candy jar has been gimmicked you will realize that you are not looking at something that you would be making at home.

    Considerations: You are supplied with a few paper bags and coin envelopes. You will need more eventually but they are easily sourced.

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  • 5 Stars

    Recently I purchased a trick called "Sweet Prediction" and I added my personal touch to it by making these cards which in my opinion takes the trick away from being for close up but to a much larger audience. Hope you like it.

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  • This is a great item.

    5 Stars

    This is a great item. It takes some getting used to get the setup correct but long nose pliers in this case are your friend. I found some plastic marbles to use so they will last forever. Very easy and nice effect. The reset is not quick so plan on only doing this one time. Its not a walkaround trick but perfect for parlor or close up.

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