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Wonder Bill (Nick Brown)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MONEY MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A magical puzzle where a dollar bill turns inside-out while being held by an audience member.

You show a US $1 bill with a window cut out. You let a spectator hold the bill with George Washington facing her as you peek through the window.

You then fold the bill so the famed symbol of the pyramid with the eye can be seen through the window. You explain that this mysterious symbol is the subject of many conspiracy theories. It is the subject of many books, tv shows, podcasts and movies that try to discover its secrets.

You then offer to show one of its mysterious secrets when you unfold the bill, while the spectator is still holding it. When the bill is unfolded it is now facing in the opposite direction. With the green side, with the pyramid and the all-seeing eye facing the spectator and George Washington facing you. Everything is examinable throughout and can even be given out as a souvenir.

Based on the work of Robert E. Neale and David Britland this routine takes their brilliant work to the next level. Best of all you are now taught a system that can turn just about any bill, from any country into a Wonder Bill. The system can also be used with just about any size rectangular piece of paper so you can do the same effect with photographs, magazine sheets, posters, newspapers or any custom design you can create.

Also includes additional routines and ideas by Harry Anderson, Nick Brown, Brad Burt, Rich Marotta and Meir Yedid.

Comes with an instructional DVD with Meir Yedid and Nick Brown teaching you everything you need to know and a metal cutting template to make your own US $1 Bills.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • One of the best effects using a dollar bill.

    5 Stars

    One of the best effects using a dollar bill.The explanations are very good with top tips and do not need a gimmick to perform this start clean and end can use any addition comes with something that will help you to customize your Bill's in an easy way.

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  • From Nick

    5 Stars

    While I have no financial interest in Wonder Bill sales, speaking as Nick Brown, I am delighted that Meir Yedid has acquired and reenergized "my" favorite trick. What I did with that dollar bill rested on the shoulders of David Britland and Robt. Neale, but I hope that it made the effect a little more "organic" (years before that word became popular). My five-star rating is based on my confidence that Meir has made useful improvements, which I hope to see for myself before too long.

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