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Heavy Handed (Charlie Frye and Meir Yedid)

  • Difficulty: EASY
  • Category: MENTAL MAGIC
  • Product Type: MAGIC TRICK

A magical application for the Charpentier Illusion that will short circuit your spectator’s brain. Guaranteed to fry them.

Making a video trailer that shows the effect of this routine would be impossible. All you would see are people smiling and laughing with various facial expressions of shock and surprise.

This unique sensory illusion happens in the spectator’s mind. It is a one-on-one effect that completely fools and shocks the brain. It makes a powerful impact that will be long remembered by your audiences and friends.

The instructional DVD that teaches the routine begins with an interactive performance by guiding you through the effect and has you performing it to yourself. And even though you will be familiar with the gimmick and props involved, by that time, you will still be completely fooled. You will try it on yourself multiple times and fool and surprise yourself every single time. It is mind boggling.

Comes with a custom made secret prop that was hand-crafted by Wellington Enterprises and an instructional DVD. Use your own card boxes. Self working.

Media Type Shipped Product

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Customer Reviews

  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    5 Stars

    AMAZING AND UNUSUAL! When I first read about this illusion online, the effect did not jump out as something that would appeal to me. However, having run into Meir at the Magic Expo on Long Island, he showed me this effect, which I bought on the spot. The illusion is so very strong that I immediately attributed the effect to a much more elaborate mechanism. This is, as suggested, an illusion that you can use to fool yourself.

    More to the point, however, the effect solved a distinct problem for me. In my professional life, I'm known to be a magic enthusiast, and colleagues and visitors often ask me to show them something, or hint around about seeing a trick. In the office, you want something that is never fail, simple, short and direct, easy to setup and perform, and truly astonishing. Not many tricks fill the bill. Well, Heavy Handed meets all of these criteria, and has the added advantage of being different from anything else your visitors will have ever seen.

    My performance tip is as follows -- I happen to own a small meteorite which I acquired a few years ago. I have the spectator test-lift the boxes, and then have them grip the meteorite in their non-dominant hand. Explaining that the meteorite contains all sorts of unknown substances (including, possibly, kryptonite), I explain that it has the power to rob them of their strength. I then have them lift the box a second time with unbelievable results. Because this is such a curiosity, I find that you can even explain that this is a "physiological illusion" without diminishing the effect.

    I love Heavy Handed!

    Gary Brown

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
    5 Stars

    What an effective illusion! It really boggles the mind!

    I received this a few days ago, and performed it for the first time today (although one could EASILY perform it within a few minutes of learning the procedure). In each case, the spectator was completely flummoxed and simply could not understand how it was possible. They were all positive that there must be some outside force at work.

    In order to try to present this in as magical a way as possible, I made the boxes appear to be a presentational afterthought. I brought out the "ringer" object and had the spectators sense the weight of *that* item first. Then I enclosed the object in my hand and pretended to imbue it with great weight...but I did *not* let the spectator handle it afterwards. I then performed the first sequence as taught. In this fashion, the object became the focus instead of the boxes.

    I have an object in mind that may be particularly effective for this, but I'll have to take a trip to the hardware store to find it. I can see where a bizarrist might want to use a tiny idol of some sort.

    Anyway, based on today's trials, I think I'm going to have an absolute ball with this. Top rating!

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