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Boomerang Rubber Band PDF (Chris Kenner, Dan Garrett)

  • Difficulty Rating: INTERMEDIATE
  • Product Type: PDF DOWNLOAD

When this routine and booklet first started circulating it caused a sensation in the magic field. Once mastered it will become your favorite feat and a reputation maker.

The routine is very simple, you stretch a rubber band around your outstretched thumb and little finger and then shoot the rubber band across the room. It travels around 10-15 feet and then hits the floor, undergoes serious reverse spins, and returns to you, rolling on its edge, like a wheel!

Although it is not difficult to do, it will require a lot of practice until it can be mastered and performed consistently.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Digital edition published by Meir Yedid in 2024. Written by Chris Kenner with Dan Garrett. Illustrated by Chris Kenner. Original notes published around 2003, 8-pages, facsimile digital PDF. The best type of rubber band to use is the standard size 16 (not included).

NOTE: The PDF will appear in your MyMagic Media Library immediately after purchase.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. Boomerang Rubber Band PDF (870 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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