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Kidshow Konnivery DVD (Dan Garrett)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: KID SHOW MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD
  • BONUS: Limited Time Introductory Sale Price.

Learn real kid-tested routines for young audiences from Dan Garrett's working repertoire. The DVD begins with selected portions of his live "Dan the Wizard" magic show for children followed with explanations to the routines.

Routines Include:

►Invisible Hare: An impromptu rib-tickler with a handkerchief.

►Thumb Tipnique: Learn to produce and vanish larger items. Produce a 14-inch silk from thin air with one hand!

►Tooth Fairy: An oversized tooth transforms into a shiny new coin in your bare hands. Tooth Fairy, your job is in jeopardy!

►Triller: Fun with a balloon and magic with sound.

►Karate Kid: A youngster "karate chops" a long balloon in half!

►The Un-Cut Rope: A fun rope routine that transforms the kid from a Geek into a Hero!

►The Fastest Balloon Animal in the World: and more.

►The Whole Tooth (and Nothing But the Tooth): A funny production of a Giant Tooth and more.

►The Mouse That Roared: Dan's handling of "Judy" the Mouse.

►World Famous Banana Trick: Bananas multiply in the air, then vanish and begin a family! (Carrots and Pickles, too.)

►Hanky Mouse: Impromptu "Judy" the Mouse routine.

►Martian Rabbit Eggs (a.k.a. Super Sponge-A-Rama): An amazing and hilarious visual routine with sponge shapes. No skill required.

PLUS: Bonus sponge tips, music cue-tips, and more. The live performance also features (without explanations) Over The Rainbow (color-changing disks) and Acey The Wonder Rabbit (rabbit-in-hat puppet routine).

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Produced by Monte Johnson and ShowTek Productions. Original release date: VHS 1993, DVD 2005. Running time: Approximately 90 minutes.

Media Type Shipped Product

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