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Close-Up Connivery DVD (Dan Garrett)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD
  • BONUS: Limited Time Introductory Sale Price.

This DVD features Dan Garrett performing and teaching the real-world, audience-tested routines straight from his working repertoire. All the routines focus on stand-up close-up and walk-around magic that require no tables.

Routines include:
An ultimate linking and unlinking safety pin routine.

►Hand Sandwich: A signed card visibly melts through the back of a spectator's hand and "sandwiches" itself between the spectator's palms.

►Signed Card To Pocket: The title describes the effect. A stunning "quickie" that will knock their socks off.

►O.H.S. Card Change: A card spins between your fingers and changes to a different card ...and back again. The “One Handed Swivel” change is done with just one hand.

►The Mouse That Roared: You make a funny little mouse run around your fingers, up your arm, and across the shoulders in ways you never thought possible. No threads or mechanical parts of any kind.

►American Ninja Spellbound: A highly acclaimed version of the classic Dai Vernon coin transmutation. It is so visual that the coin appears to change in plain sight. Quite simple, but amazing.

►The Faustus Ring: One of the routines Dan is known for, it is a multi-phase routine that uses a borrowed finger ring and a rope. The routine has won two originality awards.

Also includes explanations, variations, additional phases, and tips.

A Meir Yedid Magic product. Produced by Tony Chapek. Original release date: VHS 1991, DVD 2005. Running time: Approximately one-hour.

"Dan Garrett is one of magic's most entertaining and creative minds." …David Copperfield

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