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Dan Garrett Penguin Live Lecture

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: DVD
  • BONUS: Limited Time Introductory Sale Price.

Dan Garrett wears many hats, as a performer, inventor, lecturer, author, columnist, publisher, teacher and reviewer. He performs at ease with every conceivable demographic of audience, large or small, children or adults, family groups or corporate clients.

The contents of this live lecture include mainly close-up magic and mentalism with coins, knives, paddles and cards. There is truly something for everyone. Emphasis is placed on improving your performances and tapping into the emotions and intellect of your audiences.

►MagiFest Jest: A hilarious MC gag.

►The GodMother Of All Book Tests: Easy to perform and nothing to buy. 2 books, 2 participants, 3 minds, 1 thought.

►Pocket Knife Act: A full close-up act for walk-around, no resetting needed. You’ll love the surprise ending!

►Up The Creek With A Paddle: See the classic paddle move in a whole new light. Dan will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

►Hello, Mr. Chips: Duke Stern’s coin routine with special touches from Dan Garrett.

►Desire Under the Elms(leys): A strange and wonderful biological circus routine with a few acrobatic cards.

►Epic - Marked Down: A mentalism act for close-up or stage that fits in your pocket and costs less than to make.

►Two Foreseen: The miracle that everyone who witnesses this lecture is talking about. A double impossible CAAN (card at any number) with no memory work or technical skill required.

Plus, there will be even more magic like the Amazing Jumping arrow, A Heart’s Trick, Pindemonium, The Unassisted Triple Play, some character impersonations, and he'll teach you about the awesome power of words!

Hosted by Dan Harlan. Produced by Penguin Magic. Recorded live on June 1, 2024. Running time approximately: 4+ hours.

“Dan Garrett has one of magic’s most entertaining and creative minds.” …David Copperfield

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