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2002 The last Palindrome (Dan Garrett)

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK
  • BONUS: Limited Time Introductory Sale Price.

After touring his greatest hits lecture for six years Dan decided to write this booklet that explains some of his new creations and some of the previously unpublished routines he uses.

►The Cosmic Egg: The routine Dan used to open his shows and lectures with. With your hands shown completely empty an egg is produced and broken into a glass to prove it is real.

►Sanada Sponge Special: Toyosane Sanada’s sponge ball sequence using his Sanada gimmick.

►Torn And Quartered: A volunteer is instructed to tear a one-dollar bill into four pieces. You take the pieces and restore the dollar incorrectly. The outside edges are fused together in the middle and the torn edges are seen around the perimeter of the bill. You again attempt to successfully correct the situation. However, when the bill is returned to its owner the restoration is seen to have been accomplished through the magical application of Scotch tape.

►Sign Of The Times: Michael Stillwell’s routine for the Instant Business Card Printer has the blank card initialed and later printed around the initials.

►Torn And Re-Born: The index corner is torn off a selected card and it is kept as a receipt. The rest of the card is torn into tiny pieces and sealed in an envelope. When the envelope is re-opened the pieces have been restored and match the original corner. The process is repeated with the corner being signed but as a surprise ending the signed corner is found laminated with the original card and is given as a souvenir.

►Down For The Count: Dan Garrett’s method/handling for doing an Elmsley Count.

►The Orion Count: Yves Doumergue’s flourishy count that accomplishes the same as a Flushtration Count.

►Orion Poker: You display four 10S’s, revolving and displaying each card front and back. The four 10S's immediately transform into four JS's which are similarly displayed front and back. The four JS's transform into four QS's, and then into four KS's, each time the cards are smoothly shown front and back. You then confess that there is a fifth card used, The fifth card is revealed to be the AS's, and the four remaining cards are shown in order, 10S, JS, QS, KS, AS, forming a Royal Flush in Spades! The cards may be immediately handed out for inspection.

First Edition. Published by Dan Garrett in 2002. 24-pages, 5.5”x8.5”, saddle-stitched. A Meir Yedid Magic Product.

Media Type Shipped Product

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