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J.C. Wagner’s Commercial & More Commercial Magic 2-Video Set

  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: VIDEO DOWNLOAD
  • Also available on DVD (see below).

J.C. Wagner is considered one of the best bar magicians. These two videos capture his direct and stunning magic live and on location in his natural environment. Many of these routines have become staples in the repertoires of close-up magicians around the world. They are suitable for formal close-up or impromptu shows. You will also see the entertaining presentations and learn the many tips and ideas garnered from years of performance.

Commercial Magic Video:
The Card Under The Drink: This is the classic J.C. Wagner routine where a selected card vanishes from the deck and appears under a drinking glass that is in full view.
Estimation Routines: Thought-of cards are found using the most devious methods in the arsenal of a card magician… estimation, instincts and outs.
Entertainment Tacks: J.C.'s card on the ceiling routine where the deck is wrapped with a borrowed bill and a rubber band. Upon tossing the deck in the air the signed selection and bill end up thumb tacked to the ceiling.
Bandorama: A card revelation where the selected card spins out of a rubber banded deck.
Poor Man's Matrix: A classic matrix routine using pennies and two kicker endings producing a large penny followed by a giant penny.
Spectral Silk: Herbie the invisible Flea assists in finding a selected card while the cards are wrapped in a handkerchief. The handkerchief comes to life as the flea moves around as it finds the card.
Dyslexic Queens: A card assembly with a kicker ending where the four Queens assemble in one packet and instantly vanish and appear back where they started.
The World's Fastest Card Trick: A selected card is found in a quick and flourishy way using the Pop-Up Revelation.
The Wagnerian Miracle: A spectator looks at a card in the deck. After the spectator cuts the deck a few times you name the position of the thought of card. Includes a memorized deck presentation and strategy.
Would I Lie To You?: An easy lie detector routine where a card is found by spelling the spectator's answers to some questions which they can lie to.

More Commercial Magic Video:
Torn N' Restored Card: The outstanding routine where a signed card is torn and restored. This is the routine that inspired all the variations that finally led to the one piece at a time restoration effects.
Transpojuxtaposition: Two signed selections are lost, found and then switch places in an impossible way.
Glass Thru Bar: A glass is wrapped with a napkin and placed over a quarter. As you attempt to make the quarter penetrate through the bar the glass goes through instead.
Royal Detectives: The Kings are used as detectives to find a selected card. The card vanishes from between the two red kings to appear face-up in the deck between the two black kings.
2 Copper-1 Silver: A copper, silver, brass coin routine where the three different coins accomplish impossible transpositions from hand to hand.
Omni Twist Collectors: Three selected cards magically appear between the four face up queens as you perform a twisting effect with the queens where they turn face up and face down.
Prediction Out Of This World: An impromptu Out Of This World routine where a spectator impossibly separates the reds from the blacks and turns over the packets their hands. At the conclusion a prediction is shown to have foreseen the number of errors they made.
J.C.'s Fabulous Four Ace Routine: The four aces are lost in different parts of the deck and are magically found one at a time.
J.C. On Collins Aces: Four aces are placed in a row and covered with three cards each. Each of the aces vanishes leaving three cards in each packet. The four aces are then magically reproduced.
Polish Marked Deck: Two cards are selected from a blue deck. The cards are shuffled face up and face down a couple of times. When the deck is spread all the cards are facing the same way except the two selections. As a final kicker the rest of the deck is shown to have red backs.

A Meir Yedid Magic Product. Produced by A-1 MagicalMedia. Original release dates: 1991 and 1992. Combined running time: Approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.

This product includes the following digital media:


  1. J.C. Wagner's Commercial Magic

  2. J.C. Wagner's More Commercial Magic

Media Type Digital Lesson

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