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Five Points In Magic (Juan Tamariz)

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  • Difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
  • Category: CLOSE-UP MAGIC
  • Product Type: BOOK

The Five Points in Magic is Juan Tamariz's highly regarded study of the physical and psychological secrets that use the body to fool the mind. He teaches magicians that it is not the hands alone that deceive, but also the feet, the body, the eyes and the voice. It is only through a full understanding of all five of these tools of nature and communication that the conjurer can spin a complete web of illusion that traps and then transports his audiences into the astonishing realm he has prepared for them.

Along with teaching you how to do better magic you will also learn his: Appearing Card on Handkerchief, Crossing the Gaze, Double Crossing the Gaze, The Ribbonspread Force, Al's Topper (a book test), Protean Poker, Upper Cut, and much more.

Published by Hermetic Press in 2007. 94-pages with many photographs and illustrations. 10.25"x7.5" hardcover with dustjacket.

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